The Mindset Curriculum, the primary edition - By Make Your Mind Up. 


To celebrate the launch of our resources site we're offering our entire mindset curriculum to 10 people. This product isn't usually available as a stand alone product as it is part of our wider schools subscription. 


This is a downloadable resource that you will recieve both in an email and in a link on 'Thank You' page after checkout. 


What's included?


  • 46 detailed lesson plans ranging from 20-45 minute sessions (timings can be adapted to suit class)
  • Covers the big 5 mindset skills: Focus, resilience, stress control, confidence, motivation. 
  • Key themes: Growth mindset, bouncing back, understanding emotions, empathy, objectivity, self-awareness, emotional intelligence.
  • Mindset quiz’s for each of the big 5 mindset skills to track pupil progress. 
  • Create each pupil a mindset folder for all the resources.
  • Pupil checklist for each of the big 5 mindset skills that can be kept in their mindset folders. This is their mindset kit that helps develop self reflection and 
  • Teacher’s tracker.
  • All printable activity resources referenced are included.
  • Lesson plans include:
    - Discussion starter scripts that introduce the mindset topics to the primary age range, these are easy to follow and adapt. 
    - The ‘Over To You’ questions implement each mindset concept into our own lives.
    - 'Mindset Boost' activities
    - Session reflections, short exercises to recap the information covered in the session. 
    - 'Teachers Notes'; background information about the Science and foundations of the mindset skills and topics. 


The Mindset Curriculum, Primary Edition

    • This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed out.
    • To celebrate the launch of our resources site we're offering 10 people the opportunity to buy our ENTIRE Mindset Curriculum. This product is usually part of our schools subscription package and hasn't been available as a stand alone product... until now! Grab your hands on a copy while you can :D 
    • The Mindset Curriculum is 138 pages in total, please bear in mind any printing costs.
    • The Mindset Curriculum cannot be returned or exchanged once downloaded.